Zombie Cage

Aim for the undead heads in this online Doom-esque zombie shooter for browsers, Zombie Cage, and protect your hot chicks!

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Aim for the head in this Doom-esque zombie shooter, Zombie Cage, and protect your hot chicks!

Boom, head shot. In this new fast-paced zombie experience, defend yourself (and your chicks) for as long as you can. Use money to upgrade or purchase new weapons, including primary and secondary, or spend money to repair your cage or increase armor. Attempt to survive against wave after wave of increasingly strong zombies.

Hey zombies… Don’t eat my chicks!


  • Use the arrow keys or AD to change directions.
  • Mouse: Aims and fires
  • Space Bar: Uses grenades
  • Q: Changes weapons

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Added In: March 23rd, 2012

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