Vex 7 is a cool platformer packed with action and a unique style where you'll use parkour moves to avoid spikes, shooting knives, and falling blocks with your stickman.



Vex 7 is an online and cool platform game for browsers (HTML5) packed with action and a unique style, where you’ll use parkour moves to leap across deadly obstacles with your stickman.

In the seventh major installment of this fun and great series, the player should stay sharp in order to avoid spikes, shooting knives, and falling blocks. Use the double jump potion to go places you couldn’t reach before, and avoid security cameras that trigger laser beams.

New to Vex 7 is the Tower of Terror, a continuous level in which you have to descend a maze of floors, defeating guards along the way and collecting Tower Coins to unlock exclusive skins.

Controls and instructions

  • As with all Vex games, the game starts off with a brief level map tutorial explaining the main game elements and some of your stickman’s signature moves.
  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • You can double jump if you get the potion.
  • You can look around in the map with the mouse while standing.
  • On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and jump/slide on the screen.

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