Vex 6 is a cool stickman-parkour-platformer where you'll jump and slide through to collect coins, avoid dangers, unlock different skins and earn extra coins with daily tasks and bonus levels at 60 fps! Get the full info here.



Vex 6 is the sixty installment to this very cool and fun stickman-parkour-platformer series where you will jump and slide through the levels to collect coins and avoid dangers.

This online game for browsers (HTML5) features 9 new Acts + 9 new Hard Acts. Each Act ends with it’s final stage to complete: ‘Vexation’. There are also 64 different skins that can be unlocked with coins and daily tasks and bonus levels that grant extra coins.

As if it wasn’t enough, Vex 6 is visually stunning, bringing the series to a higher resolution and 60 fps.

Controls and instructions

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • R: Restarts level
  • You can look around in the map with the mouse while standing.
  • On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and jump/slide on the screen.
  • Play Vex 6 every day to complete the daily tasks and play the daily bonus level to get extra coins.
  • Get more instructions in-game.

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