Tiny Fighter – Unstoppable Run

Tiny Fighter - Unstoppable Run is a free running platformer where you'll face an exciting and action-packed quest in mysterious woods and castles to rescue a princess that was kidnapped by an undead overlord. Get the full info here.


Tiny Fighter – Unstoppable Run is an online free running platformer with pleasant pixel art graphic for browsers (HTML5) where you’ll face 10 levels of an exciting and action-packed game that brings player to a mysterious woods and castles on a quest to rescue a princess that was kidnapped by an undead overlord.

The game begins with a dramatic scenario in which a vampire has taken the princess and the brave Tiny Knight is the only one who can save her. As the princess is abducted, Tiny Knight embarks on a quest to retrieve her by through dangerous woodlands and battle his way through the castle’s maze. Along the journey, he must fight orcs, skeletons and Dracula himself in order to complete his mission!

Have fun!


  • The mouse controls everything.
  • Click to jump, double click to double jump.
  • You can also probably tap to play.

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Added In: July 8th, 2024

Categories: Action, Platform

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Developer and/or publisher: Artem Lanin

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