The Mergest Kingdom is a fantasy-themed strategy game where you merge hundreds of objects in a world full of challenging quests, fairy tale creatures, resources to collect, and territories to conquer! Get the full info here.



The Mergest Kingdom is an addictive online fantasy-themed strategy game for browsers (HTML5) where you merge hundreds of objects in a land full of challenging quests and fairy tale creatures, collect and harvest resources, conquer lands and design your own land the way you want it.

Find the best ways to match items to build the biggest structures and cultivate crops! Help rebuild the Mergest Kingdom and make it the most powerful one in the Seventh Realm!

You can merge dragons, trees, gems… almost anything you find on your journey of discovery! Take part in daily quest to collect coins and gems, mine various resources, explore vast magic territories full of mysterious creatures, bedazzling characters, and captivating objects!

If you love merge games, The Mergest Kingdom‘s experience is going to be a perfect fit for you!

Controls and instructions

  • Merge and combine pieces to save the Kingdom.
  • Use the mouse or tap to control everything.
  • Follow further instructions in-game.

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Sadly, we still don't have any videos for this game, but here's one of Low's Adventure:

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