The Last Stand: Dead ZoneThe Last Stand: Dead Zone is the game from the excellent zombie series The Last Stand that was released in 2012 and looks like an apocalypse-themed UFO: Enemy Unknown with RPG elements, crafting and lots of stuff to explore.

The main difference of this game from the others The Last Stands is, besides its gameplay, is being social. The Last Stand: Dead Zone should be played in either Facebook, Armorgames or Kongregate, which also means that you have to have an account on at least one of these sites to be able to play it.

The bad thing is, as in almost any social games, it eventually starts taking too long to evolve and the game becomes boring and stagnant. In the other hand, it provides some some level of interaction with other players online.


Build, fight, scavenge and survive against infected and humans alike in this action strategy RPG. 350 days have passed since the initial outbreak and you are one of the few remaining in the ruins of Union City, now known only as the Dead Zone.


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Developer and/or publisher: ConArtists

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