Super Mario 63 is a free fan-platformer inspired by Super Mario 64 that brings many levels and features based upon this and other games, along withs completely original elements. Get the full info here.

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Super Mario 63 is an online and free fan-platformer inspired by Nintendo‘s Super Mario 64 for browsers (Flash) that brings many levels and features based upon this and other games, but also has completely original elements.

Developed by, Super Mario 63 promises a detailed storyline, ability to play as Luigi, a highly customizable Level Designer with sharable codes, three different FLUDD power-ups, four different power-caps, and 64 Shine Sprites & 64 Star Coins to collect.

Also, this game is, for the most part, a remake of the Super Mario Sunshine 64, which was made by the author in 2006. It uses a better engine and has more objectives etc.


  • Arrow Keys: Move, jump and dive
  • Z: Talk/Ground Pound
  • X: Spin attack
  • C: Use Fludd
  • Shift: Switch Fludds
  • P: Pause
  • -: Zoom out
  • +: Zoom in
  • Controls are also explained in-game.
  • If you are having trouble with the Z key, try pressing ALT + SHIFT to switch to the American layout.

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