Summon the Hero is a medieval tower defense game set in a fantastic world where your mission is to fight thieves, barbarians, monsters and even the undead who are threatening the Kingdom! Get the full info here.



Summon the Hero is an online fantasy tower defense game for browsers (HTML5) with an unique system of battle, It takes place in a kingdom threatened by all sorts of fantasy monsters. Hire upgradeable units, complete tasks that revolve around defending the kingdom, and see if you can survive through all 18 battles.

The Kingdom is in danger! Thieves, barbarians, monsters and even the undead are threatening this land. If they succeed, they will capture it and enslave all its inhabitants.

Set your defense summoning powerful heroes, selecting their classes and special skills, in this unique medieval tower defense set in a fantastic world!


  • Use the mouse or touch to play.

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Added In: January 24th, 2022

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Developer and/or publisher: IceStone

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Sadly, we still don't have any videos for this game, but here's one of Moon Clash Heroes:

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