Subway Clash 2 is a action-packed third person shooter where your task is to clear an old depot in Moscow from a religious sect that wants to carry out a radiation attack on the city and overthrow the constitutional order. Get the full info here.



Subway Clash 2 is a cool online and action-packed third person shooter for browsers (HTML5) developed by Freeway Interactive. It features smooth 3D graphics, mobile support, a lot of custom weapons and good controls.

These are hard times. A religious sect known as “Witnesses of the Illyich” operates on the territory of the old depot in Moscow city. Led by the notorious fanatic Bonch-Bruyevich, their goal is to carry out a radiation attack on Moscow and overthrow the constitutional order. As the GRU Special Forces commander, you were given task to clear these deadly dungeons once and for all and eliminate all unwanted criminal elements.

Stand your pride soldier and lead your team forward, picking up new weapons along the way. Old Metro has many nooks and passages, some of them conceal hiding places and other surprises.

Good luck!


  • WASD: Movement
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Right Mouse Button: Zoom
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • G: Grenade
  • Number Keys: Select weapons
  • TAB: Score table
  • C: Crouches
  • ESC or L: Locks/unlocks mouse cursor

P.S.: if you have problems with controls after the first match, try loading this game in another browser. Here, it worked on Brave (without Shield).

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Developer and/or publisher: Freeway Interactive

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