Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy

Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy is a turn-based fighting/platform game where you'll help an anime/manga hero through a pleasant pixel art dungeon full of, traps enemy robots and dangers. Get the full info here.



Stick Shadow Fighter Legacy is an online turn-based fighting/platform game for browsers (HTML5) where you’ll help an anime/manga hero through a pleasant pixel art world full of enemies and dangers.

A new mission begins and our hero needs your ability to fight and jump the obstacles of a dungeon where robots and traps will kill you fast, if you aren’t smart enough. Destroy the enemies, dodge the fragile bricks, jump at the right time to avoid falling and have fun!

Controls and instructions

  • The objective of the game is to go as far as you can to accumulate a better score and thus be able to even further by improving your fighting skills.
  • Unlock new avatars to evolve your character.
  • A or ←: Attack
  • S or ↑: Jump
  • D or →: Block
  • You can also use the mouse right click to jump or touch the game buttons on mobile devices.

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Added In: February 20th, 2022

Categories: Fighting, Platform

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Developer and/or publisher: TapTapking

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