SantaDays Christmas is a racing/platform game where you'll finish dozens of courses and collect crowns. competing with 10 to 40 opponents and buying new costumes to change your character! Get the full info here.



SantaDays Christmas is an online racing/platform game for browsers (HTML5) where you’ll finish dozens of courses and collect crowns. trying to be the winner of the day competing with 10 to 40 opponents.

Buy new costumes and change your character and make the difference!

Welcome to SantaDays Christmas!


  • WASD, Arrow Keys or ZQSD: Move and jump
  • You can also the mobile touch control to play.

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Added In: December 25th, 2021

Categories: Platform, Racing

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Developer and/or publisher: FBK

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Sadly, we still don't have any videos for this game, but here's one of 2DOOM:

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