Red Road Rage

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Welcome to Red Road Rage, where you joined a team of zombie hunters and need to take on a post-apocalyptic world where food has become scarce and humans are out-numbered by the undead.

Take the wheel and help Natalia and her cook trade tasty steaks against money for upgrading your gear. You’ll do all of this while running over zombies or gunning them down.

Pick up jalapenos for boost and scrap metal to help you upgrade your car, while racing through dangerous roads full of ugly zombies, destroying the undead and having a bundle of joy.


  • Arrow Keys: Drive
  • Ctrl: Pulls handbrake
  • Shift: Uses nitro

Attention: If you get some funky error while trying to load this game, just refresh the page (F5) and try again!

Added In: August 1st, 2013

Categories: Action, Racing

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Developer/Publisher: mediameg

Played: 100 times.

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