Pixel Combat Fortress

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Pixel Combat Fortress is an online multiplayer free and first person shooter where you will be able to simulate a war set in Minecraft-like maps fighting against real players around the world.

This game promises to make you love the realistic tanks and cool effects on bullets and rocket explosions and also when vehicles get destroyed, with rag doll physics. These can be unlocked with XP, by the way, like a helicopter that can be used by you and your friends to fly or cars that provide fast and drifting action on the maps.

There’s even more features on Pixel Combat Fortress for you to find out by yourself. Have fun!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Right Mouse Button: Aim
  • Number Keys: Select weapons
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch weapons
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • R: Reloads
  • Left Shift: Runs
  • Enter: Chat
  • C: Crouches
  • TAB: Menu
  • ESC: Releases mouse

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Added In: September 6th, 2020

Categories: Action, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: BestCrazyGames

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