Mini Tooth is a challenging platform-puzzler where you have the unique ability to teleport, allowing you to traverse the world effortlessly to collect the keys and open the levels' gates. Get the full info here.


Mini Tooth is a cool, online and challenging platform-puzzler for browsers (HTML5) where you will control a cute little character that has the unique ability to teleport, allowing him to traverse the game world effortlessly with incredible speed and flexibility.

The teleport ability of the Mini Tooth grants the player the power to instantly move from one location to another, bypassing obstacles, enemies, and other dangers in their path.

I bet you’re going to have fun with this one!

Controls and instructions

  • Arrow Keys – Move and jump
  • Z – Teleport
  • R – Restarts level
  • Collect the keys to open the gate and complete each level.

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Added In: November 4th, 2023

Categories: Platform, Puzzlers

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Developer and/or publisher: Magnific Studios

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