Mario Clone

A great small game inspired by the NES classic featuring nice colorful graphics and pretty decent controls.

Published (or updated) in November 20th, 2019.

Mario Clone, also known as as Mario & Luigi or just Mario!!!, is an old MS-DOS Super Mario Bros. clone developed as a way to practice VGA programming back then, but ended up being a very cool platform game.

Mario Clone features six platforming levels and was written in Turbo Pascal by Mike Wiering and initially released in 1994. The result was a very fun game that ran smoothly on his 486 computer (25 MHz), featuring nice colorful graphics and pretty decent controls, although not as faithful as the NES original.

Despite being a great small game, Mario Clone was never intended to be released. However, an old beta version (with only four levels, unfinished) somehow ended up being spread around, specially on those old shareware CD-ROMs, BBS or websites. Someone changed it into shareware, modified the executable, added documentation and even a registration form, asking $15. Mike then decided to freely release his full version with the complete source code.

Eventually, the Mario Clone‘s engine was used to build other Wiering Software‘s original games, such as Super Angelo, Yoko or Sint Nicolaas. These have Flash versions available in our website, by the way.



  • ← and →: Move
  • ALT: Jumps
  • Ctrl: Runs
  • Space Bar: Shoots (you need to collect the Flower power-up first)
  • You can use or to aim while shooting.
  • ↓: Goes down the pipe at the levels’ ends or to warp
  • ESC: Quits game


This is an old game made for MS-DOS that might not work on modern operational systems. You might need a program such as DOSBox (or build a DOS-running virtual machine) to run it.


Click here to download the game

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