How to infinitely earn money in Endless Siege

Attention: looks like they updated the game and this trick isn't working anymore.

Published (or updated) in April 7th, 2021.

This article teaches how you can earn practically infinite money in Endless Siege, a medieval fantasy-themed online tower defense-style strategy game developed by Ravalmatic. It features a different map, where the player tries to defend his kingdom from endless hordes of invading monsters, each new day.

Attention: looks like they updated the game and this trick isn’t working anymore.

Endless Siege is a nice game for browsers, but it’s also quite unbalanced, in my opinion. Therefore, this trick can help make things fairer. It is demonstrated and explained in the following video:

The above video was made by our partners at Gaming Room. Turn the English subtitles in the play bar to have English text after the introduction.

As we could see, the tip doesn’t seem to be something that the developers intended to allow, since it basically consists on buying a tower, upgrading it and selling it before the next wave of monsters show up (otherwise, the tower will lose part of its value). Is it a miscalculation or a secret helping hand?

The good news is that you can do this whenever you want. The bad news is that this is a boring and repetitive procedure that doesn’t seem to make it so much easier so you could resist the the siege against your kingdom infinitely. Like, you’re going to go much further than normal, of course, but there will come a time that even filling the map with all the towers fully upgraded won’t be enough to destroy all the monsters…

There are some more considerations to be made about this trick:

  • Before doing it, you’ll just need to earn sufficient gold, by the ordinary means, to buy and upgrade a tower.
  • You can buy the tower levels before the upgrade too, but it is not mandatory.
  • You can do the trick without pausing, which can save time, but can also distract you from enemies.
  • You can do the cheat with any tower. The Cannon is the one looking the most profitable.
  • After the second upgrade, I think it’s not worthwhile to buy all 15 levels to sell the tower. I have the impression that it is a lot of clicks for a very small profit.

Okay. It’s simple as that.

I don’t think there is anything else to say unless, if this is a bug and the developers fix it, I hope that at least they also rebalance the game…


To make our post more complete, we also have a video that shows the gameplay of Endless Siege we made. It can teach you a few more tricks to help you in this game:

More tower defense

More info

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