Jeff The Killer: Hunt For The Slenderman

Jeff The Killer: Hunt For The Slenderman is a dark online FPS where you'll control the main character looking for weapons and ammo to survive the attacking supernatural demonic monsters. Get the full info here.



Jeff The Killer: Hunt For The Slenderman is a dark and spooky online adventure/FPS for browsers (HTML5) where you’ll control the main character and move around the map looking for weapons and ammunition to survive the attacking lethal supernatural demonic monsters.

After a long time, you decided to go back to your hometown! But things are different. The old menace, Slenderman is here. His plan is to destroy you once and for all. He took and killed all your victims and now he’s after you. Be careful, he is not alone! His minions are helping him along the way. You need to find his hiding place.

There will be many different tasks that you will need to complete before you can find and fight this threat!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and fires
  • Right Mouse Button: Alternative aim
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • Mouse Scroll: Changes weapons
  • G: Grenades
  • R: Reloads
  • F: Pick items up
  • Left Shift: Runs
  • Left CTRL: Crouches
  • X: Prone
  • V: Melee
  • ESC: Releases mouse

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Added In: June 10th, 2021

Categories: Action, Adventure, Shooting

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Developer and/or publisher: Kiz10

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