Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition

A classic jump 'n run combined with original puzzle elements, a lovely game full of surprises!

Published (or updated) in December 14th, 2018.

Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition is a very cool Christmas Mario-like platformer where you’ll help Santa save the Holiday while rescuing the little animals from a fantastic and colorful land!

Developed independently by Johan Peitz (Free Lunch Design) and released originally in 2000, Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition is a lovely and retro-styled platform freeware where you’ll need to rescue Santa’s helpers and save Christmas on the Happylands.

This game, a Christmas edition of the original Happyland Adventures, was originally written for an amateur game programming contest GameDev. Happyland Adventures won the contest and also an award for ‘best use of SpriteLib’.

Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition features smooth controls, nostalgic old school graphics and a very pleasant Christmas-themed background music. It’s also compatible with Windows 10, despite being an old game.


The above video shows and comments Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition and was made by our Brazilian partners from Gaming Room. It’s in Portuguese though.

This one, on its turn, has a bit of the original Happyland Adventures‘ gameplay.


Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition is a classic jump ‘n run combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect bonus for more points and you help Santa and bring all his helpers back to home.


The original Happyland Adventures didn’t have much of a plot, neither has this version. But at least there’s a small story:

It was the night before Christmas. Everyone in Happyland was sleeping, anticipating the day to come. Everyone, but Santa. The Happylanders who usually helped him had gone astray in the dark night and vanished. How were they to survive? And how was he ever to complete all the chores before Christmas without the help of his little friends? Realizing that he would need help he called the one who had saved Happyland on several occasions before…

It’s now up to you to help Santa save Christmas. While Santa makes the gifts and presents you have to rescue his helpers, or else, Christmas will be lost forever!


  • ← and → – Move left and right
  • – Slide
  • X – Jumps
  • Z -Talks
  • [F12] – Takes screenshots (will be stored as HAPPY???.PCX)
  • ESC or Pause – Pause or quits

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Click here to download the game

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