Galactic 123 Zombies and Robots

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If the game isn't showing up, try zooming the browser in [CTRL] + [+] and then press [CTRL] + [-]. More info here.
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Galactic 123 Zombies and Robots is a free online game where you will fight with all your will and destroy enemy zombies, vampires, robots and more!

Remember: checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! They also replenish your health and weapons.


  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Space Bar or Z: Fires
  • Use number keys 1 to 3 to select weapon.
  • Press H to heal (ground mode only);
  • If you have unlocked equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4 to 7 (ground mode only).

Added In: August 22nd, 2013

Categories: Action, Adventure, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: somenick

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