Family Nest: Royal Society!

Family Nest: Royal Society! is a farming game where you receiver a letter from a distant relative who would like to hand over control of his farm to you in the secluded place of Willow Hills. Get the full info here.



Family Nest: Royal Society! is an online and social farming game that we got here for browsers (HTML5) where one day you receive a letter from a distant relative who you’ve never heard of before. He writes that he would like to hand over control of his farm to you in the secluded place of Willow Hills.

Bring your family estate to prosperity and earn the respect of The Royal Society! Prove that you deserve to become the owner of the place and find out the true reason for your arrival!

There’s so much ahead of you:

  • A thrilling plot! Travel and make discoveries worthy of an honorary member of The Royal Society!
  • Cultivate your land, raise your animals, and reap record harvests!
  • Design and construction! The more workshops you build, the more research you will do.
  • Get valuable materials on your estate and in expeditions to use them to expand the production.
  • Trade and barter! Supply first-class goods to the farms and settlements in your neighborhood! Earn the prestige and respect of the people of Diamond Falls.
  • Exciting mini-games, different challenges, fascinating stories, and much, much more!

Touch the unknown and plunge into an atmosphere of exciting adventures and good luck!


Late on a rainy evening, a soaking wet letter carrier hands you an envelope with a proud Owl on the back. You haven’t seen this stamp in so long, probably since you left for Europe.

Katherine has already made several discovers, but the Royal Society has never noticed her accomplishments.

Her cousin, Donald, invites her to her parental manor—a small estate in a secluded district called Diamond Falls. The very place where Katherine’s father awakened in her an unquenchable thirst for discovery!


  • Use your mouse to play.
  • You can probably also tap to play on your mobile device.

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