Empire Island Video Walkthough And Tips

Published (or updated) in December 21st, 2011.

ISpaced has uploaded to Youtube, a video walkthrough of Empire Island. It is divided in 6 parts, which demonstrates exactly how to finish this game.

If you need more help with this game, just check all the 6 videos here:

Some Tips

  • Clicking buttons is slow. Tap [R] fast to quickly repair all damaged units.
  • Upgrading weapons makes them charge faster
  • Fire Balloons and Mines are your friend. Check out the 6th video to see some effective use of them.
  •  If you find you haven’t got enough cash, then you haven’t got enough Markets or Banks down. Build a lot of Population Units early then put down Markets and Banks as soon as possible.
  • When the game is ending, the mother ship UFOs keep coming, until you finish off everything else

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