Dino Run: Marathon of Doom

An epic Dino Run challenge… How long can you survive until the doom wall engulfs you?

Published (or updated) in September 29th, 2020.

Dino Run: Marathon of Doom is one very long and challenging Dino Run level where you will help a poor velociraptor escape from extinction in a retro-styled, action-packed prehistoric world.

This version is an updated version of the original web free running game: Dino Run. Run, jump and claw your way to survive the oncoming wall of doom.

By the same creators of the original Dino Run, Pixel Jam, Marathon of Doom‘s sounds are awesome, the artwork animation is fluid and you really get a sense of urgency and excitement in this as you try to skillfully surf the edge of doom!

Attention: this game was originally made in Flash to be played on your browser, but then it stopped working and is now redirecting to something else. However, we converted it to .EXE and now it can be played on your Windows. Just download it, unzip and double click on Dino Run - Marathon of Doom.exe.


The above video shows Dino Run: Marathon of Doom gameplay.


  • A and D or ← and →: Run
  • W or ↑: Jump
  • D or ↓: Duck
  • Shift: Provides a boost every 20 seconds
  • ESC: Pauses/opens menu

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