Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars New Era is the third episode of this coo retro-styled action-platform series. It comes with more modern weapons, different maps, another episode and a new game mode, Mayhem. Get the full info here.



Castel Wars New Era is the third episode of this cool online retro-styled action-platform series for browsers (HTML5). It comes with more modern weapons, different maps and a new game mode, Mayhem, where you will try to fight and harsh conditions and survive.

With the new episode, you can try out industrial revolution weapons and equipment and create new tactics with them. Also, the Zombie Mode now also has a new design and now the undead come from one direction.

Challenge your friends and have fun!

Controls and instructions

  • WASD: Move (Blue Player)
  • S: Creates bricks (Blue Player)
  • E: Attacks (Blue Player)
  • Q: Changes weapon (Blue Player)
  • Arrow Keys: Move (Red Player)
  • ↓: Creates bricks (Red Player)
  • Space Bar: Attacks (Red Player)
  • M: Changes weapon (Red Player)
  • If you hold down the attack key, the character throws the weapon! In this way, the opponent is defeated in one move.
  • You can build small bricks to escape or catch the opponent in the game.
  • You can inflict more damage on the opponent by using the cannons in your tower.
  • You can get new weapons and bullets from the mysterious hero who flies above with balloons and occasionally drops bonuses.
  • If you get stuck, throw your sword by pressing the action button and get rid of the opponent!
  • If you want, you can play against zombies in the Zombies VS. mode. Whoever stops the most zombies wins the game.

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