Burnin’ Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is a 3D racing game where you have the opportunity to hunt down enemies and stun them with your driving and shooting skills. Get the full info here.



Burnin’ Rubber Multiplayer is a quite cool online 3D racing game for browsers (HTML5) where you have the opportunity to dominate your friends in this long-awaited multiplayer car combat arena vehicular combat challenge.

Hunt down enemies and stun them with your driving and shooting skills. There are lots of awesome cars to unlocks and explosive weapons to try out and features the brand new U-turn move to surprise your enemies!


  • Five remastered deathmatch maps!
  • 40 cars, all classics from the BR franchise!
  • All primary, secondary and special weapons you know and love!
  • Over 30 in total!
  • Complete challenges to earn in-game cash and BR tokens!
  • Full controller support!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Steer
  • Space Bar: Nitro
  • Shift: Drift
  • Double-Tap Shift: U-Turn
  • Z or Left Mouse Button: Fire primary weapon
  • X or Right Mouse Button: Fire secondary weapon
  • F or Middle Mouse Button: Use Special Weapon
  • C: Look Behind
  • 1 to 10: Dialog Hotkeys Hold
  • `: Show Dialog Wheel
  • V: HUD Toggle
  • ESC/P: Pause
  • For gamepad controls check in-game help screen!

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Added In: February 9th, 2023

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Developer and/or publisher: Xform

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