Here we have full video playthroughs to Biozombie Outbreak, an online third person shooter for browsers, and some extra tips for it.

We are adding here two videos that show Biozombie Outbreak — a cool third person shooter made by G55 where a very cute babe takes part in intense battles on the city streets crowded with blood thirsty zombies —completely beaten.

We made the first playthrough in order to showcase the Biozombie Outbreak to you, and also to help you to beat this game (it shows the locations of the weapons, etc.). It shows all of it’s 6 levels being finished:


  • 00:05 – Level 1;
  • 04:31 – Level 2;
  • 08:18 – Level 3;
  • 12:26 – Level 4;
  • 16:29 – Level 5;
  • 20:34 – Level 6.

Tips and hints

  • You’ll get new weapons if you find them in a map or when you advance levels.
  • Try to make head shots as these will kill the dead faster.
  • If some stupid ad starts playing in-game, press P to avoid getting damage from the zombies.
  • Keep running. Don’t stand too much in just only one place, because a monster can spawn near you without notice.

Alternative playthrough

The second video also shows the gameplay of Biozombie Outbreak‘s six levels. We added it here as an alternative and to make the post more complete. You can change the level that is being shown by clicking on the control icon on the playing bar:

We hope it helps!

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