Barbarian VS Mummy playthrough

Full playthrough/video walkthrough/guide to Barbarian VS Mummy a short and cool platformer inspired in Super Mario Bros., Sonic and Donkey Kong. Get the full info here.



This is the full playthrough of Barbarian VS Mummy, a short online platformer for browsers (HTML5) inspired in Super Mario Bros., Sonic and Donkey Kong (mostly Mario).

Barbarian VS Mummy is simple, but is quite cool and pleasant to play, despite the controls should be better (would be interesting to have the option to play with the arrow keys as well).

Anyway, we made this video to both present it to you and to help you finish it as well, serving as a video walkthrough or guide to the game.


  1. 00:12 – Level 1
  2. 01:27 – Level 2
  3. 03:24 – Level 3
  4. 05:14 – Level 4
  5. 06:58 – Level 5
  6. 08:40 – Level 6

We hope it helps!

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Added In: February 22nd, 2022

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Link to Barbarian VS Mummy playthrough

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