After Burner [Master System]

After Burner is the classic Sega's shooter where you pilot a F-14 Tomcat and uses its missises and cannon n action-packed battles. Play its Master System version online here! Get the full info here.



After Burner is the classic shooter initially released in 1987 to the arcades where you pilot a F-14 Tomcat in a third-person perspective and fight numerous enemies in the action-packed battles provided by its levels.

This aircraft has two weapons: guided missiles and Vulcan cannons. In some versions, there you can let the cannons shoot automatically all the time. You’ll spend most of your time dodging and shooting. Sometimes, a friendly supply plane shows up for you to dock with it and replenish your missiles.

After Burner was developed and published by Sega. It was eventually ported to other platforms, many under the title After Burner II. Here, we have the Master System version, which has a final boss, set to be played online, in your browser (HTML5), without the need to install anything.

Have fun!


  • Arrow Keys – Move
  • Z – Cannon
  • X – Missile
  • Attention: These controls are default. Click on the gamepad icon and set controls the way you like it if you want.

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