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This is the first Zombotron game, with the very same gameplay, graphics and sounds that followed the game on it’s sequel. The major noticeable difference it’s that nothing shows up when you make a head shot. Only that. It’s an ace game as well.

Welcome to the Zombotron Planet, inhabited by monstrous mutant zombies or just stupid humans. Nobody knows where they came from or what they eat. But we know something: they are ready to destroy anything that moves.

During the planet’s colonization, people built several laboratories to create bio-robots to clean the planet vrom evil. But something got wrong. There weren’t any people on Zombotron, but the laboratories are still working under the main computer’s control.

You are one of the few bio-robots that last. Are you able to complete your mission?


  • A, D: Move left, right
  • W (or spacebar): Jumps
  • E (or F, S): Action, to intereact
  • Q: Switch weapons
  • R: Reload guns
  • H: Use medkit
  • ESC (or P): Pauses

Added In: September 10th, 2013

Categories: Platform, Recommended, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: AntKarlov

Played: 8 times.

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