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ZomboiZ is a cool first person shooter where you will face waves after waves of zombies. Your friends from the special anti-zombie squad are already dead and you joined an unit of unknown soldiers trying to do the same thing: survive.

The enemy is stronger, bigger, and never surrender until he kills his target. There’s real hell waiting for you, with piles of enemies, automatic weapons, explosive grenades.

You do not have too good predictions for a peaceful life with your family during the next couple of days, but if you deal with this threat fast enough, you can still get a plane to Bali and enjoy a summer holiday full of sunshine. Who knows?

Good luck!


  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • 1 and 2: Select weapons
  • TAB: Pause
  • F: Knife
  • G: Grenades
  • E: Picks up
  • C: Crouches
  • SHIFT: Runs
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • T: Chat

Added In: October 7th, 2017

Categories: Action, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: PacoGames

Played: 4 times.

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