Zombie Siege Outbreak

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Zombie Siege Outbreak is an online shooter where you are one of the last survivors on the planet after a virus almost wiped out all the human population of the Earth, killing people or turning them into the undead. This game features lots of weapons, 3D Minecraft-style graphics, many types of zombies with different abilities, and can be played as a third or first-person shooter.

InĀ Zombie Siege Outbreak, you will have to defend ten important places that are key points for the latest survivals. In each level, there is a certain number of waves of zombies that you must eliminate to keep the zone safe. Choose from many types of players, customize them and use many types of guns and upgrade them to be able to eliminate all the blood thirsty monsters!


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • R: Reloads
  • SHIFT: Change view (TPS/FPS)
  • Right Mouse Button: Zoom
  • Q and E: Switch weapons
  • Number Keys: Select weapons
  • L: Locks or unlocks cursor

Added In: June 3rd, 2018

Categories: Action, Shooting

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