Zombie School

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All the kids are too cool for school, but they always want to go back, after a great summer, to meet some new friends and some old ones. However, all the schools have been taken over by zombies and the kids are now upset, and now they have to clean them up!

Zombie School is a fast paced game. It’s all about reaction time and fast reloading! You must shoot the zombies, aiming with the crosshair and pressing the left mouse button. You have to do this fast or you will lose a life.

Don’t shoot the students or you will lose all your lives and the game will be over. The faster you shoot, more points you will score.

To reload your gun, when it’s empty, you’ll see the school bell start to flash. Then just click left mouse quickly to reload.

Hint: Watch your ammo! Look for health one-ups, shoot these to gain back lives, but be careful when you shoot them! Get to 100,000 and you rid the schools from the zombies and win the game!

Try to be the top score in Zombie School on the net, and mock your friends then.



  • Left Mouse: Reload by left clicking while the school bell is flashing!
  • Fire: Left mouse

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