Zombie Kiss

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Zombie Kiss is a free running game that you have to escape from a female zombie that wants to kiss you.

On a lonely moonlit night, you go to the cemetery to pay homage to your grandparents.

Loud thundering and gusty winds all over. What do you see?

A female zombie approaching you.

Her eyes pop out in excitement. She’s in love with you and wants to kiss you. You gotta run your best, otherwise you’ll be kissing a dead mouth full of worms and turn you into a skeleton.

Controls and Tips

  • Use the right arrow key to move faster.
  • Use the down arrow key to bend down.
  • Hit the spacebar once for a single jump and twice for a double jump.
  • Bend down when the zombie, spikes and helicopters come towards you.
  • Use the double jump to go over cars and larger obstacles.
  • The female zombie will come to catch you from all directions. Be careful.

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