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Zombie Go Go Go is a Flappy Bird-like HTML5 game with cool retro pixel art graphics where you must help the zombies to jump between the tombstones so they can escape the graveyard.

In Zombie Go Go Go, it’s night in this cemetery and the nice zombies need to find the exit from this place. But there are obstacles and, in order to continue the journey, it will be necessary to help them jump over and under each tombstone without touching them. The slightest shock will make you start all over again from the starting point and we all know how this can be frustrating.

Just use all of your skills and you’ll get a big score!

Controls and instructions

  • Click the mouse or touch the screen in order to make the zombie jump.
  • Throughout your journey, you will accumulate in your chest gold coins that will allow you to unlock one by one the different zombies available to play.
  • You’ll have to enhance your skills and have a lot of patience before having all the characters unlocked. Each character can jump as many times as you want to avoid the obstacles and collect bonuses, but be careful with your jump bar. If it gets empty, you won’t be able to jump and it will surely be game over.

P.S.: Alternatively, you can install Zombie Go Go Go in your Android device. It’s free, but the link is protected and will ask you to solve a captcha and wait a few seconds. That will help us financially to maintain this site.

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