Zombie Crisp

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Get your turret and destroy all the zombies in Zombie Crisp, this fun and free Unity3D shooter.

Slaughter the undead as much as you can, leaving pools of blood and a bunch of corpses laying around.


  • Click ground to shoot.
  • Click turret to pause.
  • Your turrent has 5 health.
  • Shoot a zombie twice to explode it.
  • Exploding zombies can drop power-ups.
  • Shoot power-ups to get them.
  • Power-ups unlock every 5 levels.
  • The purple power up gives fires bullet.
  • The red one makes a circle of fire explosion.
  • Blue heals your turret.
  • Yellow gives flamethrower.
  • Green is total destruction.

Added In: April 9th, 2016

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