Yikes! Zombies! Shoot ‘Em!

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If the game isn't showing up, try zooming the browser in [CTRL] + [+] and then press [CTRL] + [-]. More info here.
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Yikes! Zombies! Shoot ’em! They are approaching!

Join this machine gun madness, battling against hordes of different types of the undead in this fast paced 2D shooting game with fun, cute, retro graphics. What could be more satisfying than shooting pixel art zombies with a variety of weapons?

You will need quick reflexes in order to keep these monsters at bay!

Can you score above 20,000? Good luck!

Controls and Instructions

  • Mouse: Fires
  • You will start the game with a machine gun. As you progress in the game, you will have access to a series of more powerful weapons to shoot the zombies down.
  • Scoring 10,000 points grants you a Smart Bomb. This will kill all the zombies on the screen.

PS. Alternatively, you can install the Yikes! Zombies! Shoot ‘Em! for Android in your mobile device.

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