The Z-Word

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This is a fast paced, action packed game with RPG elements.

Use multiple upgradeable weapons, items and magic to defeat vampires, werewolves and legions of the undead… Zombies!

But avoid speaking out their names… Don’t say the Z-Word…


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • ESC: Pause
  • A: Block
  • S: Jump/No/Cancel
  • D: Attack/Yes/Activate/Use magic
  • F: Charge magic
  • E: Select item
  • R: Use selected item
  • Spacebar: Change weapon


  • The key to defeating some enemies is using combinations of the 3 primary weapons (swap between these with SPACE).
  • Vampires i.e. must be attacked first with the bat or katana until they are weakened, then finished with the stake.
  • Hold F to charge magic, wait until you hear a blip and see yellow particles appear.
  • To use level 1 magic, wait until you see the first yellow particles, then press D.
  • For level 2 magic, wait until you see the second yellow particles, etc.
  • If you get cornered by an enemy, you can dash while blocking by holding A and double tapping a direction key. This is a good way to get behind an attacking enemy or get out of the way of a group of attacking enemies.
  • If you jump and attack in mid-air, you will do more damage if you hit the enemy.
  • The game features 15 built in achievements, get them!

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