StormWinds 1.5

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StormWinds places the player in a steampunk setting, facing a massive invasion of airships and other flying contraptions. A blend between a tower defense game and a shooter, you must choose your defenses then use them personally to gain victory.

“StormWinds 1.5 is a huge upgrade made to the original StormWinds. Although the first game did fairly well, a lot of suggestions were brought and I felt like we could do better. This then, is the result of hundreds of user comments and reviews. I think it’s a big step up, and I hope you all enjoy it!

This game is by far Hero Interactive’s largest to date- over 10 people had a hand in the game at some stage in development.

We’ve also upped what is offered to those who purchase the extra content for $5 USD. Players who make the purchase now get access to 2 new campaigns, new weapons, new enemies, a new boss, new challenge missions (as they come out), and cheat codes. In addition, when the beta of Bubble Tanks 2 is released, extra content purchasers will be invited to join in!”


  • Tutorial is available on the first campaign.
  • Hotkeys can be reconfigured through the settings menu option.
  • Press ‘P’ to pause.
  • Game automatically saves after each level so you can easily come back later.

Added In: September 21st, 2011

Categories: Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: HeroInteractive

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