Shadez 2: Battle For Earth

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The follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. More control, more explosions, more fun…

Take on this unknown force of killing machines with helicopters, troops, tanks and airstrikes. Build a base to keep reinforcements coming.

Default Controls

  • Arrow keys: Scrolls the landscape all in directions
  • P: Opens the pause menu and pauses the game
  • F: Runs the game faster, handy for building faster
  • Z: Toggles the zoom between 100% and 50%
  • Mouse wheel: Zooms the landscape in and out
  • ESC: Cancels the selection and deactivates sell/repair

Item Selection

  • Left button: Selects the item under cursor
  • SHIFT Left button: Toggles the selection under the cursor
  • CONTROL Left button: Selects all units of that type
  • Double left button: Selects all units of that type
  • Left button & drag box: Selects all units inside the box


    0 to 9: Selects group set to that number
  • SHIFT 0 to 9: Sets the current selection as a group

Specific Item Selection*

  • H / SHIFT-H: Selects the Head quarters / Selects and Zooms to
  • B / SHIFT-B: Selects the Barracks / Selects and Zooms to
  • V / SHIFT-V: Selects the Vehicle Factory / Selects and Zooms to
  • A / SHIFT-A: Selects the Airfield / Selects and Zooms to
  • S / SHIFT-S: Selects the Strike Center / Selects and Zooms to
  • N: Selects the next item and zooms to it
  • T: Zooms to and if held down tracks the current selection
  • *These controls only function when the item exists

Added In: July 8th, 2012

Categories: Strategy

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Developer/Publisher: CrazyMonkeyGames

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