Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6

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Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6, the sixth installment of the Pixel Gun Apocalypse series is here. Millions of players have already joined this thrilling battle between soldiers and bloodthirsty zombies, all made in a wonderful Minecraft-like world.

This new sequel features a single player mode which brings a totally new perspective to the browser gaming and excelent controls! There are also four fully customizable game modes with unlockable maps with various tasks. You will be collecting items while killing the undead or survive their invasion for as long as possible. Plus, there are difficulty levels where you can try to complete all the six maps and head to the multiplayer mode.

There, you will face the most fearsome players from all over the world and battle for prestigious victories and bonus points for your account. There is a profile for you to see how many zombies and soldiers you have killed. Also, you can unlock new character appearances and weapons once you have reached the higher levels.

Ask your friends to join along in a match and have fun!


  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Number Keys or Mouse Scroll: Select weapons
  • Spacebar: Jumps
  • ESC: Releases mouse
  • G: Grenade
  • Right Mouse Button: Sight
  • R: Reloads
  • E: Picks items up and interacts
  • ENTER: Opens chat
  • TAB: Menu

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