Pinnacle Racer

August 20th, 2018

Pinnacle RacerPinnacle Racer is a 3D game for browsers where you will rev up your engine because your are about to enter a competition where you need to be on top of every race.

Unlock all the tracks and max all the upgrades on all 4 cars. Use your boost at the right time and make sure to do clean turns on every corners of the track. Pass all your competitors and try to get listed with the pros on the leaderboard!

Pinnacle Racer features a visual style that looks like a enhanced version of the Out Run classics, but you will run through tracks not highways and the graphics are rendered in 3D.


P.S.: If you liked Pinnacle Racer, you should play Freegear instead. It’s pretty cool and inspired on classics such as Out Run, Lotus and Top Gear.

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