Moon Truck

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The Moon Truck is a study little vehicle meant to keep from floating around in low gravity and help you in your Moon research journey. Drive around in this awesome truck and steer clear of tipping over or running into aliens.

Enjoy your journey searching for life on the Moon, but be careful, ’cause aliens may catch you by surprise. They are peaceful creatures but curious by nature and can do damage to your truck if you stick around them for too long. So, speed up and race away before they catch you.

These are rare creatures and their presence is scarce, so, study them from a distance and make sure not to disturb their ecosystem. Whilst most are just curious some can prove to be hostile, as they are less adapted to Moon life, bought to the Earth’s satellite as an experiment by advanced alien life forms this little aliens are out of place and upset, so beware.


  • Arrow Keys: Drive

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Developer/Publisher: Cartitans

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