Metal WarTale

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Metal WarTale is the first part of the Metal war trilogy. The story took place in the first decade after the metal war broke out. The Union army had been deeply wounded after two loss of the battle. Now you have to drive your favorite chariot to fight against the robot army.

It is the last chance for the human beings to survive! In this game, you will experience the most extraordinary chariot you have ever seen, and after the modification, the chariot will have more super powers!

  1. Attack: You will have up to 16 primary and 11secondary assault weapons, you can even call two Planktonic warplanes for help
  2. Defence: You can not only have solid armor, but also use jet power device and turbine pneumatic devices to dodge bullets or quickly going through. You can even use the magnetic shield to stop the time! You can get points and coins by killing your enemies and use coins to upgrade your chariot and get more powers. Points will be count into the rank of the players. Weapons will be unlocked after each level you have completed. You can get magnificent super power weapons after finishing all the levels, and there will be an endless mode waiting for you! The destructive weapons can only be used in endless mode.

  • fire: left mouse
  • jump: up
  • movement: wasd

Added In: September 2nd, 2011

Categories: Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: seraveegames

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