Koverted’s Zombie Defense

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If the game isn't showing up, try zooming the browser in [CTRL] + [+] and then press [CTRL] + [-]. More info here.
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Koverted’s Zombie Defense is an online top-down shooter for browsers where you will have to face down hordes of zombies.

Five years ago, an undead apocalypse took place in China, due to some toxic gas released by the stupid communist government that turned people into zombies. To prevent it from spreading, the UN nuked China and killed most of them. The gas was also destroyed but some zombies resisted the nuclear attack and are attacking you and your village.

You are one of the few that survived and now you must protect your home and yourself.


  • 1: Pistol
  • 2: SMG
  • 3: Shotgun
  • Left Click: Shoot/Interact
  • P: Pauses game
  • Shift/Space: Switch Weapon
  • WASD/Arrow Keys: Movement

Added In: August 12th, 2013

Categories: Action, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: Koverted

Played: 16 times.

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