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King of Speed: 3D Auto Racing is an action packed racing game that will let you experience the surprisingly realistic feeling of driving a professional single-seater car. The adrenaline that is rushing through your veins will trigger your need for high speed.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle for all racing enthusiasts. To handle one of the most powerful and technically advanced cars in the world will be the dream came true for all racing lovers. But, if you can’t afford a one million dollar top fuel car, this free online game is your chance to drive one of the fastest cars on the planet!

Experience the ultimate racing thrill and test your skills and determination to become the best racer in the world, in three racing modes will let enhance your top driving skills.

The circuit type is the most popular racing category, but this game will also let you experience the time attack and knock out race. The circuit course consists of a race track that goes and eventually comes back to the starting point, featuring a number of laps and you will have to complete the last lap as first in order to win the current race.

Waste no more time. Choose your car, take the wheel and start your race. Hit the gas and immerse yourself in the world of fastest and skilled drivers!

The roar of the engine and the creaking of wheels will make unstoppable, till the finish line.


  • Arrow Keys: Drive
  • Spacebar: Brakes/Reverse
  • C: Changes camera view


This game was developed in Unity3D and embedded in this format here. Maybe, it will only work on the Internet Explorer or Safari browsers.

Alternatively, you can install the King of Speed in its Android version for your mobile device.

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