Kill The Graveyard Zombies

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Kill The Graveyard Zombies is a zombie shooter where you are trapped in a cemetery filled with zombies that want to rip and tear any humans they find.

In Kill The Graveyard Zombies, you play as Chris, a professional shooter who is very skilled in shooting moving targets and is always busy in hunting. Today, he entered into the forest to hunt like he often does. However, he took too long to pack his stuff and it was already dark when he was trying to leave he forest and walked by mistake into a creepy and abandoned graveyard. Suddenly, the dead start to raise from their graves and they are hungry for human flesh.

Now, Chris needs to escape from the zombies and save himself. Help him to survive and to shoot all the undead down!


  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • You must kill all the zombies.
  • Shoot first their heads then their bodies.

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