Infectonator 2

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Infectonator 2 is one awesome installment to the best zombie strategy online game series and one of the best games featuring this kind of undead! It was quickly released after it was announced that it was on its test stage and fulfilled our expectations.

The graphics are more advanced than the previous ones, but the classic style remains, while adding a bit of Necronator II or Reich of Darkness elements. Infectonator 2 also adds a lot of depth to the series, giving you all the awesomeness of infecting people of entire continents, turning them into zombies and dominating the World once again!

Added to new graphics, many upgraded things and all the cool stuff, you will get more funny characters for you to spread terror with. The Infectonator and his army of abominations includes monsters based on Michael Jackson, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Ronald McDonalds, Jigsaw, and Kim Jong, and they are all are ready to take on the population heroes: Rambo, Santa Claus, Super Mario, Justin Bieber, and others!

The best of all, Infectonator 2 still have the retro feeling we love, including the music and sound effects, and, of course, the same addictive chain reaction gameplay we want!


  • Mouse: Spread virus
  • Arrow keys and WASD: Move map
  • Mouse Scroll up/down: Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Z: Full view
  • X: Normal view
  • ESC: Options
  • O: View objectives
  • +/-: Fast forward/ normal speed
  • 1: Virus
  • 2 – 4: Use Support
  • 5 – 8: Summon special zombies

Added In: April 7th, 2012

Categories: Recommended, Strategy

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Developer/Publisher: toge-games

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  1. Capistrano says:

    I love the Infectonator series. But i already finished 3 times this one, toge needs to put more stuff in this game for us to do!

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