Hordes And Lords

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Deploy and command tactically your horders of armed soldiers, sending them into battle, in this real time strategy game!


  • Reconnaissance: use mouse to place units (click and drag to rotate).
  • Fight: click on unit or flag to select and then point and click where to move. Also you can use keyboard keys 1-8 to select squad.


  • You squad will become bigger each level
  • If your squad gets eliminated, it will get only 1/4 of experience points.
  • If you cannot complete the level, try to replay previous and get money for upgrades.
  • If you are replaying a level that have been won already, you will get no experience for squads.
  • You earn a gold medal if all of your squad is alive after you finish the mission, Silver, if ne squad is dead and bronze if more.
  • The better the medal, more gold you earn.

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