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Hexa is a board game developed and released in 1986 by D.R. Korea. It is pretty much in the same deal of the classic Columns, sharing the same rules, among other similarities. Looks like Hexa was even developed earlier than the Sega’s title, but both games are pretty good and fun.

We have here the original arcade version ported to Flash, so you can play it online, in your browser!


Vertically aligned blocks with a colored symbol within in groups of three will fall from the top of the screen. You must place them on the board in order to match three blocks of the same type or color in any direction. The player can also rotate the blocks, so the bottom block will move to the top, thus shifting the pattern. The Power Blocks button call three blocks with a red ‘P’ to fall. Whatever color/symbol the power blocks land on top of will disappear from the screen, thus maybe making several match 3 line ups. The power blocks are limited and you’ll get only two in the first level.


  • Space Bar: Insert Coin
  • ENTER: Start
  • X: Rotate
  • C: Special
  • ↓: Down
  • ←: Left
  • →: Right

Added In: July 15th, 2011

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Developer/Publisher: EasyRetro

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