GunGame 24 Pixel

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GunGame 24 Pixel is a free to play multiplayer first person shooter that features 24 guns, AI-controlled soldiers and zombies, 5 game modes (Gungame, Survival, TDM, DM and more), a single player campaign with 40 levels, option to change game and attachment and a great blue style environment.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Right Mouse Button: Aim
  • Number Keys: Select weapons
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch weapons
  • Q and E: Change game and attachments
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • R: Reloads
  • Left Shift: Runs
  • Enter: Chat
  • ESC: Releases mouse

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Added In: April 1st, 2020

Categories: Action, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: BestCrazyGames

Played: 7 times.

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