Ghostbombers 2

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Mr. Cat found himself a new house! A castle to be exact. He didn’t expect to find ghosts, zombie frankensteins and even vampires there! Well, who you gonna call if you have a problem with ghosts? Ghostbombers of course!

Take the role of one of them and blast your way through all the levels of this explosives packed game! Throw grenades, blow stuff up, but watch out for valuable items!

Understand how to deal with different ghosts with the default gear of the Ghostbombers. Or buy new gear in the shop! Show those ghosts who’s the boss!

Have fun!


  • Use left mouse button to throw grenades and interact with user interface objects.
  • To catch the ghost make sure you are under it first, then move to not let it get away from you.
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Developer/Publisher: OttoMoto

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